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Registration fee to work with the Right Angle Officials Group for the 2018 season will be $25 please send in your payment in cash, or money order only and register with the registration form below.  Please make money orders payable to Right Angle Officials.  PLEASE READ THE DISCLAIMER BELOW:


I agree to not hold Right Angle Officials/staff and any affiliated associates liable for my health, injury or damage sustained as a result of any game assignment(s).   As well, hold harmless of any fault or liability to the Director of Officials.  Further more I will refrain from discussing any payment or basketball business with the site staff of any venue.  All questions pertaining to the above will be discussed with the Director of Officials.  I further understand there are no guarantees for any games/assignments that I may receive…this includes in knowing there may be circumstances as to leads to where I may not receive any games this season.  Bottom line… I understand there is no guarantee to receiving game assignments and realize also I can be released from staff at any venue based on the sole decision of the Director of Officials and or the associated affiliates.  


By submitting your online registration, you are agreeing to the disclaimer.  Please use the link below to register as a Right Angle Official.


                                        RAO REGISTRATION





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